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Affiliate Program

First, please remember that when you upgrade your account or buy Advertising Packages, you are buying advertising services from us. Any income you earned from our site is either commissions from sales or commissions from the results of sharing our services with others. When you share our services with others, we will compensate you for your time and efforts through commissions and bonuses.

We are paying commissions from actual purchases of advertising within our system. We are not paying a percentage, we are paying you commissions from our sales... so the money is real. It is coming from the actual money received by the system. It is a traditional business model where you get paid from profits and not from money that will be received from future payments which is what a ponzi really is. Your commissions and the money in your account is real money, you can cash out anytime and get paid within 24 hours!

We have one of the best Affiliate programs in the industry.

Unlike other sites, our members are not limited to income from sale commissions only. Even when your ad packs have expired, you still earn from group commissions and bonuses.

Our Group Commissions and Bonuses:
  • Sponsor Bonus
  • Cash Pool Bonus
  • Tenth Pool Bonus
  • Group Commissions

Sponsor Bonus
Every member will receive $3 instantly in their account when he/she personally sponsored an upgraded member. This alone gives you an infinite income potential because you can refer an unlimited number of members.

Cash Pool Bonus
$1 from EVERY purchase (and upgrade) goes to CP. When the amount in the pool reach $50, $2 will be awarded randomly to 25 members (20 members with $0 in their account balance and 5 members with less than $25 in their account balance). This is one way to ensure that every member will not only earn income from our system but will be in profit as quickly as possible.

Tenth Pool Bonus
$0.50 from EVERY upgrade goes to TP. When the amount reach $5, the 10th upgraded member will receive $5 in his/her account balance. The TP then resets to $0 and ready for the next 10th upgraded member.

Group Commissions
Groups allow members to earn from each other (purchases made within the group). All sales from the group (upgrades and purchases) is shared only to members in the group. By making the group size small, we maximize the earning potential of every member in the group.

We have 4 different groups in the system. All your sponsored members will enter your Main group. Other groups are company-forced and created based on upgrades and purchases (in the order they are received).

You can earn group commissions and bonuses even long after your Ad Packs expired (have earned 150%). Our system allows members to keep earning even without active Ad Packs although having more Ad Packs can multiply your income tremendously.

Note: Your Ad Pack will expire once you earned 150% of its cost during its life even though it has not reached the 150% returns (i.e. you made the 150% returns from commissions and bonuses). Since members can earn from multiple different ways, it is necessary to do this so other members (who don't earn as much in commissions) can have their Ad Packs mature more quickly. T
his ensures that we distribute our commissions to as many members as possible for maximum benefits. Remember that you will continue to earn from commissions and bonuses even though your Ad Packs have expired.

75-25 Rule

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